Sociology Compass (www.sociology-compass.com) offers the quality of a scholarly journal combined with the speed and functionality of the Web.

Sociology Compass publishes peer-reviewed state-of-the-field articles on a continuous basis, with new articles appearing in each monthly issue. The ideal Compass article is an intervention in the field or sub-field, showing its present state and direction in the future. While our authors are leading researchers, we do not publish detailed primary research but rather an author’s position on the field or sub-field. As a Compass article must be accessible to international and interdisciplinary scholars, teachers, and interested readers, we call it research with a public face.

Sociology Compass articles allow scholars and advanced students to:

  • keep up with new developments and trends in research
  • teach in a new or unfamiliar area outside of their speciality
  • ensure that students are exposed only to quality-controlled online content (as opposed to unvalidated content from search engines)

In addition, the journal also offers select Teaching & Learning Guides and a companion community site, Sociology Lens.