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Gender discrimination, law and the fight for tenure at DePaul University

By Rachael Liberman Academia has never been immune to charges of elitism, sexism, or racism. From the use of socially questionable theories as “objective truth” to the absorption of meritocracy, academia does not necessarily evoke thoughts of “fairness” or “transparency.” As a doctoral student myself, I have encountered inconsistencies and political posturing within the “ivory … Continue reading

Gender-neutral housing comes to Princeton University

By Rachael Liberman As a result of the sustained efforts of  Undergraduate Student Government Life Committee members, a pilot program for gender-neutral housing will come to Princeton University this spring. This means that students can apply to the Spelman Hall upperclassman-housing lottery in mixed-gender groups rather than all female or all male. According to a … Continue reading

When method becomes a matter of life or death

By Rachael Liberman While public school violence has been an ongoing epidemic in Chicago, the recent murder of 16-year-old Derrion Albert,  showcased on YouTube and other various Internet sources,  has repositioned its priority level to urgent. However, as weeks have passed, the public is still wondering: what and when is something going to be done? … Continue reading

Breaking news: All pornography is homosexual pornography

By Rachael Liberman Everyone has an opinion on pornography. Some argue that it is a vital contributor to understanding sexuality, some assert that it is a vulgar practice that objectifies women, and some maintain that is a lucrative industry just like any other capitalistic enterprise. Of course, these three positions are not the only ones … Continue reading

Would you pay $14,000 to attend Internet rehabilitation?

By Rachael Liberman When ReSTART, the Fall City, Washington “Internet Addiction Recovery Program,” opened its doors in July 2009, it became the first of its kind in the United States. According to its press release: “Video game and Internet addicts can now find solutions to the addictive behavior that devastates their marriages, careers, schooling, family … Continue reading

When the private becomes so very public: The case of Caster Semenya

By Rachael Liberman As the controversy surrounding 18-year-old  Caster Semenya’s gender (note the incorrect usage of “gender” as opposed to “sex”) verification test continues to raise questions about racism and sexism, issues of humiliation and trauma have surfaced as well. London’s The Guardian quoted Leonard Chuene, head of Athletics South Africa, as saying, “If gender … Continue reading

Mainstream media outlets prove once again that they’re not interested in cultural analysis

By Rachael Liberman When high-end retailer Barneys New York decided to remove their controversial window display on July 22nd, media outlets were literally handed a story that involved high fashion, violence against women, corporate marketing, and artistic integrity. Instead, many outlets, including the LA Times and the Chicago Tribune, abandoned a cultural critique and ran … Continue reading