Communication & Media

Edited by Julian Matthews

Volume 9 (2015)

Scientists, the Media, and the Public Communication of Science
Anthony Dudo

Twitter and Political Campaigning
Maurice Vergeer

The Press and the Financial Crisis: A Review of the Literature
Anya Schiffrin

Teaching & Learning Guide for ‘The Conflictual Model of Analysis in Studies on the Media Representation of Islam and Muslims: A Critical Review
Gabriel Faimau

What’s Going on? Making Sense of the Role of the Media in the Arab Uprisings
Alexa Robertson

Contemporary NGO–Journalist Relations: Reviewing and Evaluating an Emergent Area of Research
Matthew Powers

The Conflictual Model of Analysis in Studies on the Media Representation of Islam and Muslims: A Critical Review
Gabriel Faimau
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Volume 8 (2014)

Mediatized Ritual – Expanding the Field in the Study of Media and Ritual
Johanna Sumiala

Internet and the Political Public Sphere
Terje Rasmussen

Media and Disasters: Demarcating an Emerging and Interdisciplinary Area of Research
Stijn Joye

Childbirth Within the Risk Society
Mandie Scamell

Nation in Market Times: Connecting the National and the Commercial. A Research Overview
Magdalena Kania‐Lundholm

Information and Communication Technology Use and Social Connectedness over the Life Course
Noelle Chesley and Britta E. Johnson

Media Events: Past, Present and Future
Wanning Sun

News-Media and Terrorism: Changing Relationship, Changing Definitions
Zohar Kampf

Volume 7 (2013)

Community Media Studies: An Overview (pages 818–828)
Kevin Howley

Public Relations: A Discipline in Transformation (pages 799–817)
Jacquie L’Etang

Social Capital and Internet Use: The Irrelevant, the Bad, and the Good (pages 599–611)
Barbara Barbosa Neves

Review of Literature on Media Literacy (pages 417–435)
W. James Potter

Trends in New Media Research: A Critical Review of Recent Scholarship (pages 1-12)
John V. Pavlik

Volume 6 (2012)

Framing in Mass Communication Research – An Overview and Assessment (pages 937-948)
Rens Vliegenthart

Assessing Television’s ‘Political Dramas (pages 923-936)
Kay Richardson and John Corner

Radio Studies: The Sound and Vision of an Established Medium in the Digital Age (pages 845-855)
Guy Starkey

What is Distinctive about Mediation? Experience and Expertise in Media (pages 781–792)
Philippe Ross

Comparative Journalism Research – An Overview (pages 769–780)
Henrik Örnebring

Volume 5 (2011)

From Makeover Media to Remaking Culture: Four Directions for the Critical Study of Self-Help Culture (pages 685–693)
Micki McGee

Cultural Imperialism Versus Globalization of Culture: Riding the Structure-Agency Dialectic in Global Communication and Media Studies (pages 666–678)
Christof Demont-Heinrich

Children’s Media Culture in a Digital Age (pages 488–498)
Stuart R. Poyntz and Michael Hoechsmann

Teaching and Learning Guide for: New Media, Web 2.0 and Surveillance (pages 480–487)
Christian Fuchs

Trends in the Research and Practice of Health Communication Campaigns (pages 426–438)
Seth M. Noar and Katharine J. Head

Media/Crime/Millennium: Where Are We Now? A Reflective Review of Research and Theory Directions in the 21st Century (pages 413–425)
Sheila Brown

Sources, Characteristics and Effects of Mass Media Communication on Science: A Review of the Literature, Current Trends and Areas for Future Research (pages 399–412)
Mike S. Schäfer

Volume 4 (2010)

New Media, Web 2.0 and Surveillance (pages 134–147)
Christian Fuchs

Sexualised Culture and Young People’s Sexual Health: A Cause for Concern? (pages 824–840)
Clare Bale

Cultural Intermediaries and the Media (p 405-416)
Jennifer Smith Maguire, Julian Matthews
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Media Visualisation of Conflict: Studying News Imagery in 21st Century Wars (p 417-429)
Katy Parry
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Journalism and Globalization (p 344-353)
Stephen D. Reese
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Public Dying: Death in the Media and Jade Goody (p 283-294)
Kate Woodthorpe
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The Herman–Chomsky Propaganda Model: A Critical Approach to Analysing Mass Media Behaviour (p 215-229)
Andrew Mullen, Jeffery Klaehn
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Volume 3 (2009)

Translating Tradition: The Poetics and Politics of Diasporic Media
R. Harindranath
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Documentary at a Crossroads: Reality TV and the Hybridization of Small-Screen Documentary (p 884-898)
Jelle Mast
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Social Problems Work: The Cases of Children and Youth (p 737-753)
Gale Miller, Kathrine Vitus
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Dueling, Dancing, or Dominating? Journalists and Their Sources (p 526-542)
Matt Carlson
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Media and Sport: The Cultural Dynamics of Global Games (p 543-558)
David Rowe
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Pornography, Panopticism and the Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008 (p 417-432)
Julian Petley
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Media, Politics and Climate Change: Towards a New Research Agenda (p 166-182)
Alison Anderson
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From Culture to Connection: Internet Community Studies (p 1-15)
Allison Cavanagh
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Volume 2 (2008)

Feminist and Gender Media Studies: A Critical Overview (p 1701-1718)
Kaitlynn Mendes, Cynthia Carter
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Studying the Sociology of Journalists: The Journalistic Field and the News World (p 1383-1399)
Roger Dickinson
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Arab Television in Academic Scholarship (p 1400-1415)
Helga Tawil-Souri
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Moral Panic Analysis: Past, Present and Future (p 1127-1144)
Chas Critcher
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You Must Be Joking: The Sociological Critique of Humour and Comic Media (p 808-820)
Sharon Lockyer, Michael Pickering
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Social Implications of Mobile Telephony: The Rise of Personal Communication Society (p 371-387)
Scott W. Campbell, Yong Jin Park
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Popular Music Cultures, Media and Youth Consumption: Towards an Integration of Structure, Culture and Agency (p 388-408)
Andy R. Brown
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Media Studies 2.0? Binge Drinking and Why Audiences Still Matter (p 1-15)
Andy Ruddock
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When the University Went ‘Pop’: Exploring Cultural Studies, Sociology of Culture, and the Rising Interest in the Study of Popular Culture (p 16-23)
Lynn Schofield Clark
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The State of Media Ownership and Media Markets: Competition or Concentration and Why Should We Care? (p 34-47)
Dwayne Winseck
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Volume 1 (2007)

Media, Racism and Islamophobia: The Representation of Islam and Muslims in the Media (p 443-462)
Amir Saeed
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Ethnography and News Production: New(s) Developments in the Field* (p 1-16)
Simon Cottle
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Current Issues in Alternative Media Research (p 17-27)
Chris Atton
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Old Ideas Meet New Technologies: Will Digitalisation Save Public Service Broadcasting (Ideals) from Commercial Death? (p 28-40)
Hilde Van den Bulck
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Contemporary Political Communications: Audiences, Politicians and the Media in International Research (p 41-59)
Sally Young, Saskia Bourne, Stephanie Younane
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