Crime & Deviance

Edited by Anthony Peguero and Lisa Pasko

Volume 9 (2015)

On the Streets, Under Arrest: Policing Homelessness in the 21st Century
Forrest Stuart

Race/Ethnicity and Stop‐and‐Frisk: Past, Present, Future
Jose Torres

Fragmented to Death: The Study of Violence and the Utility of Criminology
Stacy K. McGoldrick

“The Penal Couple”: An Examination of the Relationship Between Victimization and Offending and Its Implications for Criminal Justice
Heather Zaykowski

Dealing with Difference in Desistance Theory: The Promise of Intersectionality for New Avenues of Inquiry
Jamie J. Fader and LaTosha L. Traylor

Popular Punitivism: Finding a Balance Between the Politics, Presentation, and Fear of Crime
Christopher M. Campbell

Social Science Discourse and the Biopolitics of Terrorism
Michael Blain

The Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself…and Crime: The Current State of the Fear of Crime Literature and Where It Should Go Next
Billy Henson and Bradford W. Reyns

Police Crime: The Criminal Behavior of Sworn Law Enforcement Officers
Philip Matthew Stinson Sr.

Volume 8 (2014)

Conceptual Remixing in Criminology: Tracing Durkheim and Marx’s Influence on Etiological Theories of Crime
Cindy Brooks Dollar

Mental Illness and the Criminal Justice System
Matt Vogel, Katherine D. Stephens and Darby Siebels

Policing Disaster: An Analytical Review of the Literature on Policing, Disaster, and Post‐traumatic Stress Disorder
Kelly L. Faust and Thomas Vander Ven

Recidivism, Redemption, and Desistance: Understanding Continuity and Change in Criminal Offending and Implications for Interventions
Kiminori Nakamura and Kristofer Bret Bucklen

Proving Themselves: The Status of LGBQ Police Officers
Susan L. Miller and Terry G. Lilley

Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Corruption
David Jancsics

The Network Structure of Crime
Andrew V. Papachristos

Mental Illness and Criminal Behavior
Matt Vogel

Drug Use Among Latino Youth: Two Popular Criminological Perspectives Infused with Latino Culture
Albert M. Kopak

Neighborhood Scale and Collective Efficacy: Does Size Matter?
Rachel E. Stein

Interrogating Whiteness Within Criminology
Justin M. Smith

At the Intersection of Urban Sociology and Criminology: Fear Of Crime and the Postindustrial City
Terressa A. Benz

Volume 7 (2013)

Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder as the Medicalization of Childhood: Challenges from and for Sociology (pages 343–354)
Adam Rafalovich

Making it on the Outside: Understanding Barriers to Women’s Post-Incarceration Reintegration (pages 265-277)
Tara Opsal and Allison Foley

Subordinating Myth: Latino/a Immigration, Crime, and Exclusion (pages 87-96)
Jamie Longazel

Explaining the United States’ Penal Exceptionalism: Political, Economic, and Social Factors (pages 75-86)
Sarah Brayne

Volume 6 (2012)

Bad Sports: Explaining Sport Related Deviance (pages 949-961)
Ophir Sefiha

Overcoming the Neglect of Social Process in Cross-National and Comparative Criminology (pages 793–807)
Lonnie M. Schaible

Research on Women in Policing: A Look at the Past, Present and Future (pages 694–706)
Carol A. Archbold and Dorothy Moses Schultz

Rethinking Public Opinion in Penal Policymaking: Recommendations for Research (pages 601-613)
Elizabeth K. Brown

Delinquency Interrupted: Research into and Inside of Juvenile Correctional Facilities (pages 445-457)
Michelle Inderbitzin

Punitiveness and Political Culture (pages 365-375)
David A. Green
NOTE: Author affiliation is John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Department of Sociology

An Intersectional Approach to Understanding Stigma Associated with Male Sexual Assault Victimization (pages 283-292)
Kevin M. Ralston

Global Mobility and Penal Order: Criminalizing Migration, A View from Europe (pages 113-121)
Vanessa Barker

Deviant Identity in Online Contexts: New Directives in the Study of a Classic Concept (pages 102-112)
R.J. Maratea and Philip R. Kavanaugh

Volume 5 (2011)

Teaching and Learning Guide for: Examining Race and Sex Inequality in Recidivism (pages 846–849)
Michael M. Wehrman

Problem-Solving Courts: Theory and Practice (pages 957–967)
Ursula Castellano

Social Equality and the Mobilization of the Law (pages 949–956)
Shannon Portillo

Risk Assessment Tools and Racial/Ethnic Disparities in the Juvenile Justice System (pages 850–858)
Lori D. Moore and Irene Padavic

Racial Profiling/Biased Policing (pages 763–774)
Clayton Mosher

More Than a Piece of Paper? Protection Orders as a Resource for Battered Women (pages 512–524)
Ruth E. Fleury-Steiner, Benjamin D. Fleury-Steiner and Susan L. Miller

‘Green-Collar Crime’: Environmental Crime and Justice in the Sociological Perspective (pages 499–511)
Brian Wolf

Trafficking in Humans: The TIP Report (pages 452–462)
Frances P. Bernat and Tatyana Zhilina

Juvenile Courts and Competency to Stand Trial (pages 439–451)
Angela Harvey

Teaching and Learning Guide for: Isn’t Every Crime a Hate Crime? The Case for Hate Crime Laws (pages 392–394)
Randy Blazak

Isn’t Every Crime a Hate Crime?: The Case for Hate Crime Laws (pages 244–255)
Randy Blazak


Examining Race and Sex Inequality in Recidivism (pages 179–189)
Michael M. Wehrman

The Paradigm Shift: Pornography Research, Sexualization and Extreme Images (pages 13–22)
Feona Attwood

Beyond Fear: Sociological Perspectives on the Criminalization of School Discipline (pages 1–12)
Paul J. Hirschfield and Katarzyna Celinska

Volume 4 (2010)

Parole Revocation in the Era of Mass Incarceration (pages 999–1010)
Jeffrey Lin

Immigrants’ Perceptions of the Police (pages 924–935)
Yuning Wu

Drug War Politics: Governing Culture Through Prohibition, Intoxicants as Customary Practice and the Challenge of Drug Normalisation (pages 841–855)
Shane Blackman

In the Spirit of Selden Bacon: The Sociology Of Drinking and Drug Problems (pages 856–868)
Christopher R. Freed

Homicide–Suicides in the United States: A Review of the Literature (pages 430–441)
Marc Riedel
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A Hybrid Model of Moral Panics: Synthesizing the Theory and Practice of Moral Panic Research (pages 295–309)
Brian V. Klocke and Glenn W. Muschert
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Beyond Public Opinion Polls: Punitive Public Sentiment & Criminal Justice Policy (pages 156–168)
Natasha A. Frost
Abstract | Full Article (HTML) | PDF(98K) | References

An Overview of the Victims’ Rights Movement: Historical, Legislative, and Research Developments (pages 95–110)
Jeanna M. Mastrocinque
Abstract | Full Article (HTML) | PDF(107K) | References

Assumptions and Evidence Behind Sex Offender Laws: Registration, Community Notification, and Residence Restrictions (pages 1–20)
Kelly M. Socia Jr and Janet P. Stamatel
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Volume 3 (2009)

The Death Penalty in the Post-Furman Era: A Review of the Issues and the Debate (pages 559–574)
Tony G. Poveda
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Contributions of the National Incident-Based Reporting System to Substantive Knowledge in Criminology: A Review of Research (pages 433–458)
Aki Roberts
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Basic Challenges to Prisoner Reentry (pages 183–195)
Doreen Anderson-Facile
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Volume 2 (2008)

The Day Care Ritual Abuse Moral Panic: A Sociological Analysis (pages 1719–1733)
Mary De Young
Abstract | Full Article (HTML) | PDF(140K) | References

Healing Victims and Offenders and Reducing Crime: A Critical Assessment of Restorative Justice Practice and Theory (pages 1734–1749)
Meredith Rossner
Abstract | Full Article (HTML) | PDF(128K) | References

A New Paradigm of Organized Crime in the United States: Criminal Syndicates, Cyber-gangs, and the Worldwide Web (pages 1750–1765)
Marjie T. Britz
Abstract | Full Article (HTML) | PDF(157K) | References

‘Are You Top or Bottom?’: Social Science Answers for Everyday Questions about Sadomasochism (pages 1766–1782)
Kathleen Guidroz
Abstract | Full Article (HTML) | PDF(159K) | References

Homicide Arrest Clearances: A Review of the Literature (pages 1145–1164)
Marc Riedel
Abstract | Full Article (HTML) | PDF(173K) | References

The Wayward Girl Revisited: Understanding the Gendered Nature of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency (pages 821–836)
Lisa Pasko
Abstract | Full Article (HTML) | PDF(137K) | References

Girls’ Violence: Beyond Dangerous Masculinity (pages 837–855)
Katherine Irwin and Meda Chesney-Lind
Abstract | Full Article (HTML) | PDF(150K) | References

The Madness of the Mob? Explaining the ‘Irrationality’ and Destructiveness of Crowd Violence (p 675–687)
David Waddington
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Perceptions of and Responses to Stigma (pages 409–432)
Thomas P. LeBel
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Transgender and Transsexual Studies: Sociology’s Influence and Future Steps (pages 433–450)
Salvador Vidal-Ortiz
Abstract | Full Article (HTML) | PDF(123K) | References

Controversies Surrounding Mandatory Arrest Policies and the Police Response to Intimate Partner Violence (pages 451–466)
Amy Leisenring
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Feminist Criminology: Gain, Loss and Backlash (pages 48–61)
Dawn Moore
Abstract | Full Article (HTML) | PDF(93K) | References

Older Adults and Their Vulnerabilities to the Exposure of Violence (pages 62–73)
Anthony A. Peguero and Amanda M. Lauck
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Volume 1 (2007)

Youth (and) Violence (pages 463–484)
Bryan R. Hogeveen
Abstract | Full Article (HTML) | PDF(258K) | References

Transnational Crime and Transnational Policing (pages 485–498)
James William Edward Sheptycki
Abstract | Full Article (HTML) | PDF(168K) | References

Prostitution as a Form of Work (p 143–155)
Ronald Weitzer
Abstract | Full Article (HTML) | PDF(137K) | References

A ‘Rave’ Review: Conceptual Interests and Analytical Shifts in Research on Rave Culture (pages 499–519)
Tammy L. Anderson and Philip R. Kavanaugh
Abstract | Full Article (HTML) | PDF(219K) | References

Closing in: Stalking in the Context of Intimate Partner Abuse (pages 520–535)
Heather C. Melton
Abstract | Full Article (HTML) | PDF(182K) | References

Who Is to Blame for Deviance in Organizations? The Role of Scholarly Worldviews (pages 536–551)
Matthew T. Lee and Jeannine A. Gailey
Abstract | Full Article (HTML) | PDF(180K) | References

Adult Drug Treatment Courts: A Review (pages 552–571)
Eric L. Jensen, Nicholas L. Parsons and Clayton J. Mosher
Abstract | Full Article (HTML) | PDF(224K) | References

Research in School Shootings (pages 60–80)
Glenn W. Muschert
Abstract | Full Article (HTML) | PDF(225K) | References

Racial Residential Segregation and Crime (pages 81–94)
Scott Akins
Abstract | Full Article (HTML) | PDF(143K) | References

Crossing Boundaries: Legality and the Power of the State in Unauthorized Migration (pages 95–110)
Ryoko Yamamoto
Abstract | Full Article (HTML) | PDF(186K) | References