Edited by Wayne Brekhus & Susan Pearce

Volume 9 (2015)

Twenty‐Five Years After the Fall of Communism: The Cultural Peculiarities of Fighting Corruption and Building Civil Society in Romania
Roxana Toma

Feeling the Hands of Time: Intersections of Time and Emotion
Jamie L. Mullaney and Janet Hinson Shope

Public Discourses About International Students
Joseph E. Yi and Gowoon Jung

Competing Cultural Narratives: Gender and the Representation of US K–12 Teachers in Contemporary School Reform Policies
Katie Kerstetter

Consumer Culture, Taste Preferences, and Social Network Formation
Kyle Puetz

Girls Just Want to Have Fun (Too): Complicating the Study of Femininity and Women’s Leisure
Marybeth C. Stalp

Hostile Worlds or Connected Lives? Research on the Interplay Between Intimacy and Economy
Nina Bandelj, Paul James Morgan and Elizabeth Sowers

Masculinity and Meat Consumption: An Analysis Through the Theoretical Lens of Hegemonic Masculinity and Alternative Masculinity Theories
Kristen C. Sumpter

Volume 8 (2014)

Techno‐social Life: The Internet, Digital Technology, and Social Connectedness
Mary Chayko

Emotional Subcultures
Kenneth H. Kolb

Relational Work in Economic Sociology: A Review and Extension
Alfredo García

Sociological Perspectives on Japanese Manga in America
Casey Brienza

Tat’s All Folks: An Analysis of Tattoo Literature
David C. Lane

Volume 7 (2013)

It Is Not Old-Fashioned, It Is Vintage, Vintage Fashion and The Complexities of 21st Century Consumption Practices (pages 355–365)
Aleit Veenstra and Giselinde Kuipers

Regrounding Youth Cultural Theory (in Post-Socialist Youth Cultural Practice (pages 208-224)
Hilary Pilkington and Elena Omel’chenko

Claiming Queer Territory in the Study of Subcultures and Popular Music (pages 194-207)
Jodie Taylor

Bourdieu and the Sociology of Music Consumption: A Critical Assessment of Recent Developments (pages 181-193)
Nick Prior

Same-Sex Couples, Families, and Marriage: Embracing and Resisting Heteronormativity (pages 97-110)
Jason J. Hopkins, Anna Sorensen and Verta Taylor

Spectacular Youth Cultures and Ageing: Beyond Refusing to Grow Up (pages 13-22)
Paul Hodkinson

Volume 6 (2012)

The Digital Practices of Mobile Phones (pages 962-973)
Roderick Graham

Religion as Cultural Power: The Role of Religion in Influencing Americans’ Symbolic Boundaries around Gender and Sexuality (pages 870-882)
Eric Tranby and Samantha E. Zulkowski

Understanding Relations between People and their Pets (pages 856–869)
David D. Blouin

Women’s Cultures and Social Movements in Global Contexts (pages 808–822)
Heather McKee Hurwitz and Verta Taylor

“A Literature Review of Women and The Martial Arts: Where are We Right Now?” (pages 707–717)
Giovanna Follo

Weathering Risk: Uncertainty, Weather Forecasting, and Expertise (pages 15–25)
Phaedra Daipha

Sexuality Education in the United States: Shared Cultural Ideas across a Political Divide (pages 1–14)
Jessica Fields

Volume 5 (2011)

Hegemonic Masculinity on the Sidelines of Sport (pages 859–881)
Laura Grindstaff and Emily West

Social Interaction: Do Non-humans Count? (pages 775–791)
Karen A. Cerulo

Queering Asian Cultures (pages 688–695)
Denise Tang

The Cultural Construction of Heterosexual Identities (pages 679–687)
James Joseph Dean

Globalization, Flexibility and New Workplace Culture in the United States and India (pages 525–539)
Bhavani Arabandi

Delete, Restart, or Rewind? Post-1989 Public Memory Work in East-Central Europe (pages 256–272)
Susan C. Pearce

Volume 4 (2010)

Environmental/Green Cultural Shifts: Dynamics of Social Change (pages 936–946)
Lynne M. Woehrle

Public Sociology and the Public Turn in the Social Sciences (pages 694–704)
Patricia M. Nickel

Art as Propaganda: Bringing Du Bois into the Sociology of Art (p 555-563)
Dustin Kidd, Christina Jackson
AbstractReferences | Full Text:   HTML,   PDF (Size: 74K)

Aesthetic Capital: A Research Review on Beauty Perks and Penalties (p 564-575)
Tammy L. Anderson, Catherine Grunert, Arielle Katz, Samantha Lovascio
AbstractReferences | Full Text:   HTML,   PDF (Size: 90K)

New Directions in the Sociology of Collective Memory and Commemoration (p 442-453)
Brian Conway
AbstractReferences | Full Text:   HTML,   PDF (Size: 111K)

Cultural Sociology and Other Disciplines: Interdisciplinarity in the Cultural Sciences (p 169-179)
Diana Crane
AbstractReferences | Full Text:   HTML,   PDF (Size: 91K)

Mobile Cultures: From the Sociology of Transportation to the Study of Mobilities (p 111-121)
Phillip Vannini
AbstractReferences | Full Text:   HTML,   PDF (Size: 93K)

Volume 3 (2009)

Translating Tradition: The Poetics and Politics of Diasporic Media (p 899-910)
R. Harindranath
AbstractReferences | Full Text:   HTML,   PDF (Size: 94K)

Art Markets, Sociology and the Emotional Art Object (p 911-919)
Marta Herrero
AbstractReferences | Full Text:   HTML,   PDF (Size: 81K)

The Janus-Face of Whiteness: Toward a Cultural Sociology of White Nationalism and White Antiracism (p 920-936)
Matthew W. Hughey
AbstractReferences | Full Text:   HTML,   PDF (Size: 123K)

Hijab and the Abrahamic Traditions: A Comparative Analysis of the Muslim Veil (p 754-763)
Farha Ternikar
AbstractReferences | Full Text:   HTML,   PDF (Size: 84K)

Culture of the Labor Movement and Work in the United States (p 575-594)
P Rudy
AbstractReferences | Full Text:   HTML,   PDF (Size: 195K)

Cultural Approaches to Understanding School Violence (p 595-615)
Linda M. Waldron
AbstractReferences | Full Text:   HTML,   PDF (Size: 201K)

Political Elites and the Culture of Social Movements (p 459-474)
Jenny Irons
AbstractReferences | Full Text:   HTML,   PDF (Size: 156K)

The Rise of the Megachurches and Changes in Religious Culture: Review Article (p 16-30)
Stephen Ellingson
AbstractReferences | Full Text:   HTML,   PDF (Size: 139K)

Volume 2 (2008)

Racial Authenticity in Rap Music and Hip Hop (p 1783-1800)
Anthony Kwame Harrison
AbstractReferences | Full Text:   HTML,   PDF (Size: 176K)

Urban Myths: Popular Culture, the City and Identity (p 1165-1178)
Katie Milestone
AbstractReferences | Full Text:   HTML,   PDF (Size: 119K)

Orientalism as Cultural Practices and the Production of Sociological Knowledge (p 1179-1191)
Peter Chua
AbstractReferences | Full Text:   HTML,   PDF (Size: 114K)

Play Theory, Playing, and Culture (p 856-869)
Patricia Anne Masters
AbstractReferences | Full Text:   HTML,   PDF (Size: 114K)

Youth Transitions: Debates over the Social Context of Becoming an Adult (p 467-484)
Gary Pollock
AbstractReferences | Full Text:   HTML,   PDF (Size: 117K)

Cultural Consumption in the Fine and Popular Arts Realms (p 485-502)
Omar Lizardo, Sara Skiles
AbstractReferences | Full Text:   HTML,   PDF (Size: 122K)

Making the Perfect Queen: The Cultural Production of Identities in Beauty Pageants (p 74-83)
Rebecca Chiyoko King-O’Riain
AbstractReferences | Full Text:   HTML,   PDF (Size: 103K)

Toward a Sociology of Reality Television (p 84-106)
AbstractReferences | Full Text:   HTML,   PDF (Size: 193K)

Volume 1 (2007)

Who Is to Blame for Deviance in Organizations? The Role of Scholarly Worldviews (p 536–551)
Matthew T. Lee and Jeannine A. Gailey
Abstract | Full Article (HTML) | PDF(180K) | References

A ‘Rave’ Review: Conceptual Interests and Analytical Shifts in Research on Rave Culture (p 499–519)
Tammy L. Anderson and Philip R. Kavanaugh
Abstract | Full Article (HTML) | PDF(219K) | References

Youth-Subcultural Studies: Sociological Traditions and Core Concepts (p 572-593)
J. Patrick Williams
AbstractReferences | Full Text:   HTML,   PDF (Size: 204K)

Governmentality and Lifestyle Studies (p 111-126)
Sam Binkley
AbstractReferences | Full Text:   HTML,   PDF (Size: 151K)

Globalization of Culture and the Arts (p 127-142)
Laura L. Adams
AbstractReferences | Full Text:   HTML,   PDF (Size: 153K)

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