Gender & Sexuality

Edited by Betsy Lucal

Volume 9 (2015)

Mafias, Markets, Mules: Gender Stereotypes in Discourses About Drug Trafficking
Jennifer Fleetwood

Bestiality: An Overview and Analytic Discussion
John C. Navarro and Richard Tewksbury

Normative Accountability: How the Medical Model Influences Transgender Identities and Experiences
Austin H. Johnson

Empowered Women, Failed Patriarchs: Neoliberalism and Global Gender Anxieties
Smitha Radhakrishnan and Cinzia Solari

Women’s Success in Academic Science: Challenges to Breaking Through the Ivory Ceiling
Megan M. Henley

Women’s Migration for Domestic Work and Cross‐Border Marriage in East and Southeast Asia: Reproducing Domesticity, Contesting Citizenship
Catherine Man Chuen Cheng and Hae Yeon Choo

Sex Work in a Digital Era
Angela Jones

Teaching & Learning Guide for Gender In/equality in Worker‐owned Businesses

Gender Differentiation in Paid and Unpaid Work during the Transition to Parenthood
Medora W. Barnes

Street Harassment: Current and Promising Avenues for Researchers and Activists
Dr. Laura S. Logan

Volume 8 (2014)

The Gender Wage Gap in the United States and Cross Nationally

Joya Misra and Marta Murray‐Close

Moving Beyond Agency: A Review of Gender and Intimate Relationships in Conservative Religions
Courtney Ann Irby

From Taboo to Tourist Industry: The Construction of Interracial Intimacies between Black Men and White Women in Colonial and Contemporary Times
Julia Meszaros and Christina Bazzaroni

Gender In/equality in Worker‐owned Businesses
Katherine Sobering, Jessica Thomas and Christine L. Williams
See Also: Teaching & Learning Guide

Capturing Capital to Negotiate the Intersections of Motherhood and Work
Jane E. Brooks and Christabel L. Rogalin

Gender Labor, Assimilationism, and Transformative Practices: The Relational Negotiations of Cisgender Women and their Transgender Men Partners
Kolbe Franklin

Hybrid Masculinities: New Directions in the Sociology of Men and Masculinities
Tristan Bridges and C. J. Pascoe

Volume 7 (2013)

Men’s Aging Amidst Intersecting Relations of Inequality (pages 699–710)
Neal King and Toni Calasanti

Gender and Multigenerational Global Human Development (pages 612–629)
Julie A. Reid and Tahseen Shams

Work, Family, and Accounts of Mothers’ Lives Using Discourse to Navigate Intensive Mothering Ideals (pages 436–444)
Sarah Damaske

The New Science of Sex Difference (278–293)
Lisa Wade

Perspective in Africana Feminism; Exploring Expressions of Black Feminism/Womanism in the African Diaspora (pages 225-236)
Carolette Norwood

Volume 6 (2012)

Using a Political Economy and Life Course Approach to Understand Gendered Pension Provision in the UK (pages 883-896)
Liam Foster

Sociological Research on Feminism and the Women’s Movement: Ideology, Identity, and Practice (pages 823–832)
Catherine E. Harnois

Choosing to be Childfree: Research on the Decision Not to Parent (pages 718–727)
Amy Blackstone and Mahala Dyer Stewart

Reading Sociology into Scholarship on School-Based Sex Education: Structure and Culture (Pages 614-623)
Sarah H. Smith

Reading Sociology into Scholarship on School-Based Sex Education: Interaction and Culture (Pages 526-540)
Sarah H. Smith

Women’s Status in the Context of International Migration (Pages 458-471)
Chien-Juh Gu

Onwards and Upwards? Gender and Work in Ireland (Pages 376-388)
Sara O’Sullivan

Women’s Agency in Gender-Traditional Religions: A Review of Four Approaches (Pages 122-133)
Kelsy C. Burke

Volume 5 (2011)

Gender and Tobacco in (Globalizing) Asia – Exorcizing the Ghosts of Dualistic Thought? (pages 1018–1028)
Qian Hui Tan

Sociology and Studies of Gender, Caregiving, and Inequality (pages 968–983)
Stacey Oliker

Re-examining Cultural Contradictions: Mothering Ideology and the Intersections of Class, Gender, and Race (pages 898–907)
Tiffany Taylor

A Brief Feminist Review and Critique of the Sociology of Alcohol-Use and Substance-Abuse Treatment Approaches (pages 882–897)
Robert L. Peralta and Daniela Jauk

Transnational Feminism in Sociology: Articulations, Agendas, Debates (pages 540–550)
Vrushali Patil

Rethinking Gender and Violence: Agency, Heterogeneity, and Intersectionality (pages 311–322)
S.J. Creek and Jennifer L. Dunn

Multiple Perspectives on the Influence of Gender in Online Interactions (pages 23–36)
Janet Armentor-Cota

Volume 4 (2010)

Men and Erotic Oases (pages 1011–1019)
Richard Tewksbury

Gender and the Glass Ceiling at Work (pages 705–717)
David Purcell, Kelly Rhea MacArthur and Sarah Samblanet

Gender and International Marriage Migration (pages 718–731)
Minjeong Kim

Title IX: Consequences for Gender Relations in Sport (pages 732–748)
Mikaela J. Dufur and Matthew K. Linford

Gender and Migration: Integrating Feminist Theory into Migration Studies (pages 749–765)
Stephanie J. Nawyn

Policies on and Experiences of Foreign Domestic Workers in Canada (pages 766–778)
Ping-Chun Hsiung and Katherine Nichol

Gender and Feminization in Health Care Professions (pages 454–465)
Tracey L. Adams
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Mothering, Guilt and Shame (pages 310–321)
Jean-Anne Sutherland
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Gender and Race in the History of Housing Policy and Research: From Industrialization to Hurricane Katrina (pages 180–192)
Megan Reid
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Unpopularising Feminism: ‘Blaming Feminism’ in the Generation Debate and the Mother Wars (pages 21–37)
Chilla Bulbeck
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Volume 3 (2009)

Gender and Employment: A Global Lens on Feminist Analyses and Theorizing of Labor Markets (pages 475–490)
Heidi Gottfried
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Intimate Partner Violence during Pregnancy: What Does the Research Tell Us? (pages 196–216)
Raquel Kennedy Bergen and Melissa A. Logue
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Doing Culture with Girls Like Me: Why Trying on Gender and Intersectionality Matters (pages 217–233)
L. Susan Williams
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Medicalization, Natural Childbirth and Birthing Experiences (pages 31–48)
Sarah Jane Brubaker and Heather E. Dillaway
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Volume 2 (2008)

Women and War: Militarism, Bodies, and the Practice of Gender (pages 1192–1208)
Robin L. Riley
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The Gendered Face of Terrorism (pages 870–887)
Abby L. Ferber and Michael S. Kimmel
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The Child Welfare System and State Intervention in Families: From Historical Patterns to Future Questions (pages 888–909)
Jennifer A. Reich
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Non-custodial Mothers: Thematic Trends and Future Directions (pages 910–924)
Michelle Bemiller
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Stripping in the New Millennium: Thinking about Trends in Exotic Dance and Dancers’ Lives (pages 503–518)
Mindy S. Bradley
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Building Boxes and Policing Boundaries: (De)Constructing Intersexuality, Transgender and Bisexuality (pages 519–536)
Betsy Lucal
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Transgender and Transsexual Studies: Sociology’s Influence and Future Steps (Pages: 433–450)
Salvador Vidal-Ortiz
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Gendered Organizations: Progress and Prospects (pages 107–121)
Dana M. Britton and Laura Logan
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Making the Perfect Queen: The Cultural Production of Identities in Beauty Pageants (Pages: 74–83)
Rebecca Chiyoko King-O’Riain
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Gender and the ‘New Paradigm’ of Health (Pages: 268–280)
Sarah E. H. Moore
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Volume 1 (2007)

Structural Influences on Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Women’s Health Care (Pages: 682–700)
Cheryl L. Robbins and Irene Padavic
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Feminist Mentoring and Female Graduate Student Success: Challenging Gender Inequality in Higher Education (pages 594–612)
Priya Dua
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Whiteness Studies and the Erasure of Gender (Pages: 265–282)
Abby L. Ferber
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Prostitution as a Form of Work (Pages: 143–155)
Ronald Weitzer
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