Organization & Work

Edited by Katherine Chen & Tim Strangleman

Volume 9 (2015)

False Economy: Financialization, Crises and Socio‐Economic Polarisation
John Bone

Over the Hill, Under Siege: Labor Force Graying, Labor Market Pushes, and Consequences for Life Chances
Lora A. Phillips Lassus

Institutional Pluralism, Organizations, and Actors: A Review
Kyoung‐Hee Yu

Stages of the Social Construction of Skill: Revisiting Debates over Service Skill Recognition
Ian Hampson and Anne Junor

“Indian Arrivistes and Cyber Coolies: Reflections on Global Outsourcing and the Middle Class”
Shehzad Nadeem

Participatory Practices in Organizations
Caroline W. Lee

Volume 8 (2014)

Aesthetic Labor for the Sociologies of Work, Gender, and Beauty
Ashley Mears

Employment Insecurity and the Frayed American Dream
Beth A. Rubin

Who’s Controlling Who? Personal Communication Devices and Work
Emily Rose

Strength in Diversity? Group Heterogeneity in the Mobilization of Grassroots Organizations
Edward T. Walker and Lina M. Stepick

Restratification, Hybridity and Professional Elites: Questions of Power, Identity and Relational Contingency at the Points of ‘Professional–Organisational Intersection’
Justin Waring

The Sociology of Innovation: Organizational, Environmental, and Relative Perspectives
Eric C. Dahlin

Professional Self‐regulation in North America: The Cases of Law and Accounting
Elizabeth H. Gorman

Beyond the Time Crunch: New Directions in the Sociology of Time and Work
Lisa‐Jo K. van den Scott

The ‘New’ Sociology of Deindustrialisation? Understanding Industrial Change
Tim Strangleman and James Rhodes

Organising Generations – What Can Sociology Offer to the Understanding of Generations at Work?
Elisabeth K. Kelan

Volume 7 (2013)

Social Networks and Employment: Outcomes (Part 2) (pages 1013–1026)
Emilio J. Castilla, George J. Lan and Ben A. Rissing

Social Networks and Employment: Mechanisms (Part 1) (pages 999–1012)
Emilio J. Castilla, George J. Lan and Ben A. Rissing

The Persistence of Workplace Gender Segregation in the US (pages 889–899)
Philip N. Cohen

The Shareholder Value Principle: The Governance and Control of Corporations in the United States (pages 829–840)
Taekjin Shin

Flexicurity: A New Paradigm for the Analysis of Labor Markets and Policies Challenging the Trade-Off Between Flexibility and Security (pages 111-122)
Ruud Muffels and Ton Wilthagen

Volume 6 (2012)

The Understudied Case of Black Professional Men: Advocating an Intersectional Approach (pages 728–739)
Adia Harvey Wingfield and Renee Skeete Alston

Organizing Creativity: Enabling Creative Output, Process, and Organizing Practices (pages 624-643)
Katherine K. Chen

Teaching & Learning Guide for ‘Can a Knowledge Sanctuary also be an Economic Engine? The Marketing of Higher Education as Institutional Boundary Work’ (Pages 596-600)
Daniel H. Nickolai, Steve G. Hoffman and Mary Nell Trautner

A Review of Private Regulation: Codes and Monitoring in the Apparel Industry (Pages 541-556)
Jill Esbenshade

Inequalities in the (De-)Commodification of Labour; Immigration, the Nation State, and Labour Market Stratification (Pages 485-498)
Patrick McGovern

Re-thinking Disability, Work and Welfare (Pages 472-484)
Colin Barnes

Organizations and Learning: A Critical Appraisal (Pages 389-401)
Catherine Casey

Entrepreneurship-A Suitable Case for Sociological Treatment (Pages 306-315)
Tony J. Watson

Class and the Service Encounter: New Approaches to Inequality in the Service Work-place (Pages 293-305)
Amy Hanser

Work and Family in the 21st Century: Four Research Domains (Pages 219-235)
Amy S. Wharton

Can a Knowledge Sanctuary also be an Economic Engine? The Marketization of Higher Education as Institutional Boundary Work (Pages 205-218)
Daniel H. Nickolai, Steve G. Hoffman and Mary Nell Trautner

Volume 5 (2011)

Sociological Conceptualisations of ‘Career’: A Review and Reorientation (pages 1029–1043)
Valentina Cuzzocrea and Dawn Lyon

Work and Neoliberal Globalization: A Polanyian Synthesis (pages 807–823)
Nina Bandelj, Kristen Shorette and Elizabeth Sowers

Mediators of Opportunity: High School Counselors in the 21st Century (pages 792–806)
Vicki Smith

From Organizational Sexuality to Queer Organizations: Research on Homosexuality and the Workplace (pages 551–563)
Christine Williams and Patti Giuffre

Reworking Postfordism: Labor Process Versus Employment Relations (pages 273–286)
Matt Vidal

Deception in the Workplace: Recent Research and Promising New Directions (pages 52–64)
David Shulman

Military Occupations: Methodological Approaches and the Military–Academy Research Nexus (pages 37–51)
K. Neil Jenkings, Rachel Woodward, Alison J. Williams, Matthew F. Rech, Ann L. Murphy and Daniel Bos

Volume 4 (2010)

Older Workers: The ‘Unavoidable Obligation’ of Extending Our Working Lives? (pages 869–879)
Sarah Vickerstaff
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Aesthetic Understanding of Work and Organizational Life: Approaches and Research Developments (pages 880–893)
Antonio Strati
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Identity Transformation, Hegemonic Masculinity and Research on Professionalization (pages 122–135)
Debra Schleef
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(Re)Conceptualizating Race/Ethnic Relationships in US Schools: Toward a Multifaceted and Multilevel Framework (Pages: 136–148)
Gilda L. Ochoa
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Volume 3 (2009)

Updating the Critical Perspective on Corporate Social Responsibility (pages 937–948)
Gerard Hanlon and Prof Peter Fleming
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Serious Leisure and Work (pages 764–774)
Robert Stebbins
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Gambling and Globalization: Sociological Perspectives on ‘the House’ and ‘the Players’ (pages 616–629)
Bo J. Bernhard, Robert Futrell and Andrew Harper
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Obscured Inequalities in Mechanisms for Managing Workplace Disputes (pages 491–500)
Elizabeth A. Hoffmann
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Using Intersectionality to Examine the New Complexities of Work Identities and Social Class (pages 234–248)
John Kirk
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Beauty Work: Individual and Institutional Rewards, the Reproduction of Gender, and Questions of Agency (pages 49–71)
Samantha Kwan and Mary Nell Trautner
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Volume 2 (2008)

New Global Politics of Reproductive Labor: Gendered Labor and Marriage Migration (pages 1801–1815)
Pei-Chia Lan
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Cultural Organizations and the State: Art and State Support in Contemporary Britain (pages 1416–1430)
Victoria D. Alexander
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From Iraq to Katrina and Back: Bureaucratic Planning as Strategic Failure, Fiction, and Fantasy (pages 1431–1461)
William Cunningham Bissell
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Public or Private Management? A Comparative Analysis of Social Policies in Europe (pages 1462–1490)
Brian Gran
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Representations of Labour: Visual Sociology and Work (pages 1491–1505)
Tim Strangleman
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Sociologies of Space, Work and Organisation: From Fragments to Spatial Theory (pages 925–943)
Susan Halford
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Absurdly Ambitious? Teenagers’ Expectations for the Future and the Realities of Social Structure (pages 944–962)
Chardie L. Baird, Stephanie W. Burge and John R. Reynolds
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The Intersecting Roles of Consumer and Producer: A Critical Perspective on Co-production, Co-creation and Prosumption (pages 963–980)
Ashlee Humphreys and Kent Grayson
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The Sociology of Religious Organizations (pages 981–999)
Christopher P. Scheitle and Kevin D. Dougherty
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Old Paths and New Directions: Studying Emotions in the Workplace (pages 537–559)
Emily Meanwell, Joseph D. Wolfe and Tim Hallett
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Early Industrial Psychology: A Very Brief and Highly Selective History (pages 122–138)
Andrew J. Vinchur
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Volume 1 (2007)

Simulation as a Social Process in Organizations (pages 613–636)
Steve G. Hoffman
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Prostitution as a Form of Work (pages 143–155)
Ronald Weitzer
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Video-Based Studies of Work Practice (pages 156–173)
Jon Hindmarsh and Christian Heath
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The Generality and Consequences of Stereotype Threat (pages 174–190)
Matthew S. McGlone and R. Abigail Pfiester
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Working-Class Studies: Ongoing and New Directions (pages 191–207)
Ian Roberts
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Methodological Dilemmas and Opportunities in Interviewing Organizational Elites (pages 208–221)
Kevin J. Delaney
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