Political Sociology

Edited by Melanie HughesScott Fitzgerald

Volume 9 (2015)

Organizational Political Economy and Environmental Pollution
Harland Prechel

Neoliberalism: The Whys and Wherefores … and Future Directions
Kean Birch

Political Inequality is International, Interdisciplinary, and Intersectional
Joshua Kjerulf Dubrow

Sociology of Debt: States, Credit Markets, and Indebted Citizens
Basak Kus

Volume 8 (2014)

Civil Religion and National Politics in a Neoliberal Era
Rhys H. Williams and Todd Nicholas Fuist

Transnationalisation, Public Communication and Active Citizenship. The Emergence of a Fragmented and Fluid European Public Sphere
Cristiano Bee

American Evangelicals and Conservative Politics: Past, Present, and Future
Brian Steensland and Eric L. Wright

The Political Lives of Girls
Jessica K. Taft

Volume 7 (2013)

Teaching and Learning Guide to Accompany Graffiti as a Form of Contentious Political Participation (pages 1027–1043)
Lisa K. Waldner and Betty A. Dobratz

Leadership Trends in Advanced Democracies (pages 366–376)
Jan Pakulski

Youth Migration, Stratification and State Policy in Post-Soviet Russia (pages 294–302)
Jason T. Eastman

A Cross-National Look at How Welfare States Reduce Inequality (pages 135-146)
Stephanie Moller, Joya Misra and Eiko Strader

The Political and Economic Consequences of Defining Sustainable Agriculture in the US (pages 123-134)
Ryanne Pilgeram

Diversity in National Legislatures Around the World (pages 23-33)
Melanie M. Hughes

Volume 6 (2012)

Supporting the Posts in Development Discourse: Under-development, Over-development, Post-development (pages 974-986)
Cary Bennett

Latin American Identity Politics: Redefining Citizenship (pages 833–844)
Sarah D. Warren

Social Mobility, Equity and the Politics of Recruitment (pages 740–750)
Ralph Fevre

The Treadmill of Destruction and the Environmental Impacts of Militaries (Pages 557-569)
Brett Clark and Andrew K. Jorgenson

Volume 5 (2011)

Transitional Societies in Eastern Europe: Moving Beyond the Washington Consensus Paradigm in Transitology (pages 1044–1057)
Maksim Kokushkin

The Poverty Deconcentration Imperative and Public Housing Transformation (pages 824–833)
Deirdre Oakley, Chandra Ward, Lesley Reid and Erin Ruel

Politics and Esthetics (pages 712–720)
Ken Tucker

Anti-American Resistance in Latin America: An Issue of Sovereignty, Militarization, and Neoliberalism (pages 696–711)
Roberto Vélez-Vélez

Institutionalizing Scientific Knowledge: The Social and Political Foundation of Empirical Economic Research (pages 564–575)
Werner Reichmann

Politics and Celebrity: A Sociological Understanding (pages 190–202)
Brian McKernan

Volume 4 (2010)

Positivism and ‘Functional Theory’ in the Thought of Karl Polanyi, 1907–1922 (pages 148–164)
Gareth Dale

Diaspora-Homeland Relations as a Framework to Examine Nation-Building Processes (pages 894–908)
Dan Lainer-Vos

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The Impact of the Return of Religion on Theoretical Approaches to Democracy and Governance in the Social and Political Sciences (pages 354–364)
Kristina Stoeckl
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Religion and Comparative Political Sociology (pages 365–380)
Charles Causey, Daniel Koski-Karell and Steven Pfaff
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Sociology and the Two Faces of Human Rights (pages 322–333)
Lydia Morris
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World Culture and Transnational Economic Governance: Theory and Evidence (pages 230–240)
Aaron Major
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Politics, Social Movements, and the Body (pages 38–51)
Randolph Hohle
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Social Solidarities (pages 52–60)
Graham Crow
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Volume 3 (2009)

The ‘New’ Sociology of Empire and Colonialism (pages 775–788)
Julian Go
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Gendered Citizenship (pages 249–266)
Jennie Munday
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Devices and Desires: How Useful Is the ‘New’ New Economic Sociology for Understanding Market Attachment? (pages 267–282)
Liz Mcfall
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Human Trafficking: Globalization, Exploitation, and Transnational Sociology (pages 72–91)
Stephanie A. Limoncelli
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Art, Nationalism and War: Political Futurism in Italy (1909–1944) (pages 92–117)
Dr Daniele Conversi
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Volume 2 (2008)

The Sociology of Micro-politics: An Examination of a Neglected Field of Political Action in the Middle East and Beyond (pages 1816–1832)
Jeffrey C. Goldfarb
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The Information Environment of War (pages 1833–1847)
Kevin Gillan, Jenny Pickerill and Frank Webster
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Social Capital Put to the Test (pages 1209–1227)
Lisa Adkins
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The Sociology of Political Representation and Deliberation (pages 1228–1244)
Andrew J. Perrin and Katherine McFarland
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Racial Order of Suburban Communities: Past, Present, and Future (pages 1245–1251)
Bruce D. Haynes
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Representation and Democracy: Revisions and Possibilities (pages 1000–1013)
Michael Saward
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Outlines of a Critical Sociology of Consumption: Beyond Moralism and Celebration (pages 560–576)
Silvia Rief
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Global Political Economy: Power, Labour, Politics (pages 577–593)
Fran Tonkiss
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Cultural Citizenship (pages 594–608)
Laurence Pawley
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Democracy, Minority Rights and Plural Societies: Plus ça Change? (Pages: 609–624)
Jennifer Jackson Preece
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The Ethnos in the Polis: Political Ethnography as a Mode of Inquiry (pages 139–155)
Gianpaolo Baiocchi and Brian T. Connor
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Democracy, Nationalism and Culture: A Social Critique of Liberal Monoculturalism (pages 156–182)
Daniele Conversi
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The Recurrence of Violence (pages 183–194)
Harald Wydra
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Volume 1 (2007)

Sociology and New Wars in the Era of Globalisation (pages 637–650)
Michael S. Drake
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Space and the State (pages 651–663)
James Martin
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Sociology of Terrorism and Counterterrorism: A Social Science Understanding of Terrorist Threat (pages 664–681)
Domenico Tosini
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Contemporary Political Communications: Audiences, Politicians and the Media in International Research (Pages: 41–59)
Sally Young, Saskia Bourne and Stephanie Younane
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Social Networks and Extraparliamentary Politics (pages 222–236)
Nick Crossley
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