Race & Ethnicity

Edited by David L. Brunsma

Volume 9 (2015)

When the « Others » Come to School: A Marginalization Framework in Multicultural Education
Elizabeth Pérez Izaguirre

[Mis]Placing Race in Biomedical Clinical Context: Racial Categories, Medical Research, and the Reproduction of Health Disparities
Ashley C. Rondini

Racial Salience and the Consequences of Making White People Uncomfortable: Intra‐Racial Discrimination, Racial Screening, and the Maintenance of White Supremacy
Ted Thornhill

Native American Food Security and Traditional Foods: A Review of the Literature
Rachel M. Gurney, Beth Schaefer Caniglia, Tamara L. Mix and Kristen A. Baum

Racism and Anti‐Racism in Families: Insights from Performativity Theory
Jacqueline K. Nelson

Queer Chicano Families: The Importance of Converging Literature on Queer Families, Chicano Families, and Chicano Queers
Sandra Marie Loughrin

Explaining Attitudes toward Immigrants and Immigration Policy: A Review of the Theoretical Literature
Justin Allen Berg

The Hidden Side of Zero Tolerance Policies: The African American Perspective
Charles Bell

Volume 8 (2014)

Toward a Minority Culture of Mobility: Immigrant Integration into the African‐American Middle Class
Orly Clerge

Race in the Color‐blind Era: Deracialization and Black Elected Officials
Lawrence Johnson

An Intersectional Analysis to Explaining a Lack of Physical Activity Among Middle Class Black Women
Rashawn Ray

Black Authenticity: Defining the Ideals and Expectations in the Construction of “Real” Blackness
Jenny Nguyen and Amanda Koontz Anthony

Race for Cures: Rethinking the Racial Logics of ‘Trust’ in Biomedicine
Ruha Benjamin

Bridging Immigration Research and Racial Formation Theory to Examine Contemporary Immigrant Identities
Yuching Julia Cheng

The Ideologically Colonized Metropole: Dutch Racism and Racist Denial
Melissa F. Weiner

Charles Kurzman, Rajesh Ghoshal, Kristin Gibson, Clinton Key, Micah Roos and Amber Wells

Teaching and Learning Guide for The Great Divide: Black Fraternal Ideals and Reality
Devon R. Goss, Denishia Harris, Deronta Spencer and Matthew W. Hughey

Becoming Less Illegal: Deservingness Frames and Undocumented Migrant Incorporation
Sébastien Chauvin and Blanca Garcés‐Mascareñas

From Affirmative Action to Diversity: Critical Reflections on Graduate Education in Sociology
Beth E. Schneider and Denise A. Segura

Must‐See TV: South Asian Characterizations in American Popular Media
Bhoomi K. Thakore

The Great Divide: Black Fraternal Ideals and Reality
Gregory S. Parks, Matthew W. Hughey and Rodney T. Cohen

The History of Affirmative Action in the USA: A Teaching and Learning Guide
Jennifer L. Pierce
See Also: White Racism, Social Class, and the Backlash Against Affirmative Action

Volume 7 (2013)

Theorizing the US Racial State: Sociology Since Racial Formation (pages 927–940)
Moon-Kie Jung and Yaejoon Kwon

White Racism, Social Class, and the Backlash Against Affirmative Action (pages 914–926)
Jennifer L. Pierce
See Also: Teaching and Learning Guide

Barriers to Care: Health Promotion among Hispanic Men (pages 854–865)
Tangela Towns

And Neither Are We Saved: Asian Americans’ Elusive Quest for Racial Justice(pages 841–853)
Rosalind S. Chou and Susan Choi

Biological Pre-emption: “Race”, Class, and Genomics (pages 711–725)
Johnny E. Williams

Racialization and Muslims: Situating the Muslim Experience in Race Scholarship(pages 644–655)
Saher Selod and David G. Embrick

The Transgenerational Consequences of Discrimination on African-American Health Outcomes (pages 630–643)
Bridget J. Goosby and Chelsea Heidbrink

Citizenship on the Margins: A Critique of Scholarship on Marginalized Women and Community Activism (pages 459–470)
Nadia Y. Kim

Rethinking Migrant Families from a Transnational Perspective: Experiences of Parents and Their Children (pages 445–458)
Ken C. Sun

“Police, Public Safety, and Race-Neutral Discourse” (pages 471–486)
Luis F. Nuño

Latino Racial Reporting in the US: To Be or Not To Be (pages 390–403)
Clara E. Rodríguez, Michael H. Miyawaki and Grigoris Argeros

Anti-foreigner Sentiment: State of the Art (pages 303–314)
Anna Zamora-Kapoor, Petar Kovincic and Charles Causey

The Social Construction of Race and Minorities in Japan (pages 147-161)
Jane H. Yamashiro

Volume 6 (2012)

Exploring African American Masculinities: An Integrative Model (pages 897-907)
Lynette D. Nickleberry and Marilyn Coleman

Racializing Redemption, Reproducing Racism: The Odyssey of Magical Negroes and White Saviors (pages 751–767)
Matthew W. Hughey

Teaching & Learning Guide for: Multiracial Americans: Racial Identity Choices and Implications for the Collection of Race Data (Pages 519-525)
Nikki Khanna

Schools, Bullying, and Inequality: Intersecting Factors and Complexities with the Stratification of Youth Victimization at School (Pages 402-412)
Anthony A. Peguero

Towards a Critical Global Race Theory (Pages 332-350)
Melissa F. Weiner

Multiracial Americans: Racial Identity Choices and Implications for the Collection of Race Data (Pages 316-331)
Nikki Khanna

On and Off the Reservation: A Discussion of the Social, Physical, and Mental Health Indicators of Suicide in the Native American Community (Pages 236-243)
Nicholas A. Guittar

Unauthorized Migrants and the (Il)Logic of “Crime Control”: A Human Rights Perspective on US Federal and Local State Immigration Policies (pages 26–45)
Steven E. Gunkel and Ana-María González Wahl

Volume 5 (2011)

Teaching and Learning Guide for: The Role of Racial Identification, Social Acceptance/Rejection, Social Cognition, and Racial Socialization in Multiracial Youth’s Positive Development (pages 1082–1087)
Annamaria Csizmadia

Conflating Apples and Oranges: Understanding Modern Forms of Racism (pages 1005–1017)
W. Carson Byrd

The Role of Racial Identification, Social Acceptance/Rejection, Social Cognition, and Racial Socialization in Multiracial Youth’s Positive Development (pages 995–1004)
Annamaria Csizmadia

Critical Perspectives on Crime and Social Harm: Toward a Criminology of Human Rights (pages 984–994)
David W. Criger

Complex Intersections: Reproductive Justice and Native American Women (pages 721–735)
Barbara Gurr

Methodology and Measurement in the Study of Multiracial aMericans: Identity, Classification, and Perceptions (pages 607–617)
Melissa R. Herman

Racist Nativism in the 21st Century (pages 591–606)
Cameron D. Lippard

‘A New Language that Speaks of Change Just As It Steps Toward It’: Transnationalism, Erotic Justice and Queer Human Rights Praxis (pages 576–590)
Dana Collins and Molly Talcott

Teaching and Learning Guide for: Sociology and Human Rights in the Post Development Era (pages 395–398)
Mark Frezzo

African-American Women and Suicide: A Review and Critique of the Literature (pages 336–350)
Kamesha Spates

Navigating a Hostile Terrain: Refugees and Human Rights in Southeast Asia (pages 323–335)
Pei Palmgren

Sociology and Human Rights in the Post-Development Era (pages 203–214)
Mark Frezzo

Volume 4 (2010)

Middle-class Latin@ Identity: Building a Theoretical and Conceptual Framework (pages 947–964)
Daniel J. Delgado

Critical Race Theory in the US Sociology of Immigration (pages 779–788)
Gabriella Sanchez and Mary Romero

Racial Discrimination and Human Rights in the Global Context: The International Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination (pages 789–799)
Kwame Dixon

Racism without Races: Reflections on Racialization and Racial Projects (pages 241–248)
Zaheer Baber
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Black Immigrants and the Rhetoric of Social Distancing (pages 193–206)
Regine O. Jackson
Abstract | Full Article (HTML) | PDF(106K) | References

(Re)Conceptualizating Race/Ethnic Relationships in US Schools: Toward a Multifaceted and Multilevel Framework (pages 136–148)
Gilda L. Ochoa
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Volume 3 (2009)

Empirical Research into White Racialized Identities in Britain (pages 789–802)
Steve Garner
Abstract | Full Article (HTML) | PDF(103K) | References

Appalachia and the Construction of Whiteness in the United States (pages 803–810)
Rebecca R. Scott
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From Antiracism to Antiracisms (pages 501–512)
Eileen O’Brien
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A Confluence of Interests in Immigration Enforcement: How Politicians, the Media, and Corporations Profit from Immigration Policies Destined to Fail (pages 283–294)
Tanya Golash-Boza
Abstract | Full Article (HTML) | PDF(149K) | References

The Immigration Industrial Complex: Why We Enforce Immigration Policies Destined to Fail (pages 295–309)
Tanya Golash-Boza
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Volume 2 (2008)

Domestic and International Transracial Adoption: A Synopsis of the Literature (pages 1848–1859)
Mia Tuan
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Ethnographic Approaches to Race, Genetics and Genealogy (pages 1860–1877)
Katharine Tyler
Abstract | Full Article (HTML) | PDF(167K) | References

The Neglected Social Psychology of Institutional Racism (Pages: 734–764)
Tim J. Berard
Abstract | Full Article (HTML) | PDF(173K) | References

Democracy, Minority Rights and Plural Societies: Plus ça Change? (pages 609–624)
Jennifer Jackson Preece
Abstract | Full Article (HTML) | PDF(114K) | References

Deferred Legacy! The Continued Marginalization of the Atlanta Sociological Laboratory (pages 195–207)
Earl Wright
Abstract | Full Article (HTML) | PDF(125K) | References

Covert Racism in the USA and Globally (pages 208–231)
Rodney D. Coates
Abstract | Full Article (HTML) | PDF(237K) | References

From Colonial Pluralism to Postcolonial Multiculturalism: Race, State Formation and the Question of Cultural Diversity in Malaysia and Singapore (pages 232–252)
Daniel P. S. Goh
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Volume 1 (2007)

Media, Racism and Islamophobia: The Representation of Islam and Muslims in the Media (Pages: 443–462)
Amir Saeed
Abstract | Full Article (HTML) | PDF(209K) | References

Structural Influences on Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Women’s Health Care (pages 682–700)
Cheryl L. Robbins and Irene Padavic
Abstract | Full Article (HTML) | PDF(205K) | References

Framing Latina/o Immigration, Education, and Activism (pages 701–719)
Gilda L. Ochoa and Enrique C. Ochoa
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British Muslim Minorities Today: Challenges and Opportunities to Europeanism, Multiculturalism and Islamism (pages 720–736)
Tahir Abbas
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Critical Whiteness Studies (pages 737–755)
Anoop Nayak
Abstract | Full Article (HTML) | PDF(205K) | References

A Review of the Study of the Political Status of Indigenous Peoples in the Global Context (pages 756–774)
Keri E. Iyall Smith
Abstract | Full Article (HTML) | PDF(194K) | References

Racial Residential Segregation in Urban America (Pages: 404–423)
Robert M. Adelman and James Clarke Gocker
Abstract | Full Article (HTML) | PDF(199K) | References

The Persistent Problem of Colorism: Skin Tone, Status, and Inequality (pages 237–254)
Margaret Hunter
Abstract | Full Article (HTML) | PDF(153K) | References

Re-upping the Contract with Sociology: Charles Mills’s Racial Contract Revisited a Decade Later (pages 255–264)
James M. Thomas
Abstract | Full Article (HTML) | PDF(119K) | References

Racial Residential Segregation and Crime (Pages: 81–94)
Scott Akins
Abstract | Full Article (HTML) | PDF(143K) | References

Whiteness Studies and the Erasure of Gender (pages 265–282)
Abby L. Ferber
Abstract | Full Article (HTML) | PDF(178K) | References