Social Movements

Edited by Deana Rohlinger

Volume 8 (2014)

Going All the Way: Politicizing, Polarizing, and Radicalizing Identity Offline and Online
Jacquelien van Stekelenburg

Social Movement Engagement over the Long Haul: Understanding Activist Retention
Leslie A. Bunnage

Humor and Social Movements
Rachel V. Kutz‐Flamenbaum

Conceptualising Generational Dynamics in Feminist Movements: Political Generations, Waves and Affective Economies
Pauline Cullen and Clara Fischer

Captain America and Thriller: How Artistic Expressions Shape Mobilization Processes in Social Movements
Katherine Everhart

Creative Activism and Art Against Urban Renaissance and Social Exclusion – Space Sensitive Approaches to the Study of Collective Action and Belonging
Eva Youkhana

Volume 7 (2013)

Teaching and Learning Guide for: ‘Securitizing America: Strategic Incapacitation and the Policing of Protest Since the 11 September 2011 Terrorist attacks’
Patrick F. Gillham

Making Sense of Social Change: Observing Collective Action in Networked Cultures
Sandra Rodriguez

Culture Within Sites, Culture as Resources, and Culture as Wider Contexts: A Typology of How Culture Works in Social Movement Theory
Todd Nicholas Fuist

Migrant Mobilization for Homeland Politics: A Social Movement Approach
Sharon Madriaga Quinsaat

Studying Social Movements: Challenges and Opportunities for Participant Observation
Julie Uldam and Patrick McCurdy

Recruiting High-risk Activists: Exploring the Roles of Structural and Cultural Factors
Nancy Matteuzzi Bruni

Social Movements and Tactical Choice
Jeff A. Larson

Nonviolent Civil Resistance and Social Movements
Sharon Erickson Nepstad

Financing Empowerment? How Foreign Aid to Southern Ngos and Social Movements Undermines Grass-Roots Mobilization
Rita Jalali

Feeling Social Movements: Theoretical Contributions to Social Movement Research on Emotions (Pages 45-54)
Natalia Ruiz-Junco

Volume 6 (2012)

Teaching & Learning Guide for: The Animal Rights Movement in Theory and Practice: A Review of the Sociological Literature
Lyle Munro

Institutional Activism: Reconsidering the Insider/Outside Dichotomy
David Pettinicchio

Contesting Water Rights: Collective Ownership and Struggles against Privatization
Mangala Subramaniam and Beth Williford

Social Movements, Protest and Mainstream Media
Patrick McCurdy

A ‘New’ Social Movement: US Labor and the Trends of Social Movement Unionism
Jane Schuchert Walsh

Social Movement Scenes: Place-Based Politics and Everyday Resistance
Kimberly Creasap

The Animal Rights Movement in Theory and Practice: A Review of the Sociological Literature
Lyle Munro

Volume 5 (2011)

Determinants of Latin American Activism: Domestic and Transnational Political Opportunities and Threats
K. Russell Shekha

Securitizing America: Strategic Incapacitation and the Policing of Protest Since the 11 September 2001 Terrorist Attacks
Patrick F. Gillham

Transnational Linkages and Movement Communities
Anna-Liisa Aunio and Suzanne Staggenborg

Volume 4 (2010)

Social Movement Theory Today: Toward a Theory of Action?
James M. Jasper

Music and Social Movements
William F. Danaher

Social Movements Through the Gender Lens (p 628-641)
Zemlinskaya Yulia
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Between Revolution and Defeat: Student Protest Cycles and Networks (p 495-504)
Yousaf Ibrahim
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Borderlands Studies and Border Theory: Linking Activism and Scholarship for Social Justice (p 505-518)
Nancy A. Naples
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Collective Identity in Social Movements: Central Concepts and Debates (p 393-404)
Cristina Flesher Fominaya
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Health Social Movements in the United States: An Overview (p 334-343)
Matthew E. Archibald, Charity Crabtree
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Volume 3 (2009)

Identity Deployment and Social Change: Understanding Identity as a Social Movement and Organizational Strategy
Mary Bernstein, Kristine A. Olsen
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Gender and the Civil Rights Movement (p 986-999)
Jean Van Delinder
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Contemporary Research on Social Movements and Protest in Latin America: Promoting Democracy, Resisting Neoliberalism, and Many Themes in between (p 644-657)
Kelley D. Strawn
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Social Movement Strategy, Tactics, and Collective Identity1 (p 658-671)
Lee A. Smithey
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Habermas and Social Movement Theory
Gemma Edwards
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Understanding the Alternative Globalisation Movement
Yousaf Ibrahim
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Volume 2 (2008)

Social Movements and New Media (p 1920-1933)
Brian D. Loader
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Processes of Knowledge Production in Social Movements as Multi-level Power Dynamics (p 1934-1953)
Ana Margarida Esteves
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Social Movements and Ethnographic Methodologies: An Analysis Using Case Study Examples (p 1523-1538)
Alexandra Plows
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The English Student Movement: An Evaluation of the Literature (p 1539-1552)
Esmee Hanna
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Continuing Validity of the Collective Behavior Approach (p 1553-1564)
Martti Muukkonen
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The Contribution of Social Movement Theory to Understanding Terrorism (p 1565-1581)
Colin J. Beck
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Political, Biographical, and Cultural Consequences of Social Movements (p 1582-1600)
Marco Giugni
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The 2005 French Urban Unrests: Data-Based Interpretations (p 1287-1302)
Fabien Jobard
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Social Movements in Organizations (p 1014-1030)
Mikaila Mariel Lemonik Arthur
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Social Strain, Structural Breakdown, Political Opportunity, and Collective Action (p 1031-1044)
Steven M. Buechler
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Protest and Human Rights Networks: The Case of the Zapatista Movement (p 1045-1058)
José A. Muñoz
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Public Spaces of Dissent (p 654-674)
John Michael Roberts
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The Madness of the Mob? Explaining the ‘Irrationality’ and Destructiveness of Crowd Violence (p 675-687)
David Waddington
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Volume 1 (2007)

Social Movements Research and the ‘Movement of Movements’: Studying Resistance to Neoliberal Globalisation (p 424-442)
Laurence Cox, Alf Gunvald Nilsen
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Securitizing America: Strategic Incapacitation and the Policing of Protest Since the 11 September 2001 Terrorist Attacks (pages 636–652)