Social Psychology & Family

Edited by Lisa Walker and Sean Lauer

Volume 9 (2015)

All Our Stuff: Families and Consumption
Carrie Yodanis, Michelle Schramm and Caroline Czekajlo

Integrating Sociological and Psychological Perspectives on Coparenting
Letitia E. Kotila and Sarah J. Schoppe‐Sullivan

LG(BT) Families and Counting
D’Lane R. Compton

Arguing for a Generous Identity
Shahar Gur and Jessie Lynn Olien

Social Psychological Processes that Facilitate Sexual Assault within the Fraternity Party Subculture
Kaitlin M. Boyle

Connecting Social Psychology and the Sociology of Sport: Using Goffman as a Framework for Sociological Sports Research
Gretchen Peterson

The Changing Practices and Meanings of Grandparenthood. Reflections on the Demographical Trends and Changing Representations of Ageing
Jaroslava Hasmanová Marhánková

Volume 8 (2014)

Slight Expectations: Making Sense of the “Me Me Me” Generation
Jennifer M. Silva

Information and Communication Technology Use and Social Connectedness over the Life Course
Noelle Chesley and Britta E. Johnson

21st Century American Military Families: A Review in the Context of the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq
Susan M. Ross

Sociological Social Psychology and Intersectionality: A Synergistic Relationship
Donna A. Lancianese

Physical Attractiveness and Social Status
Tonya K. Frevert and Lisa Slattery Walker

Teaching and Learning Guide for: Clarifying Criminological and Social Psychological Theory: A Second Look at the Relationship between Injustice and General Strain Theory
Heather L. Scheuerman

The Consequences of Interpersonal Rewards
Sarah Harkness

Clarifying Criminological and Social Psychological Theory: A Second Look at the Relationship between Injustice and General Strain Theory
Heather L. Scheuerman
See also: Teaching and Learning Guide

The Social Psychology of Corruption: Why It Does Not Exist and Why It Should
Marina Zaloznaya

Doing Family Without Having Kids
Amy Blackstone

Volume 7 (2013)

Gender and Organizational Justice Preferences (pages 1074–1084)
Jody Clay-Warner, Elizabeth Culatta and Katie R. James

Being in the City: The Sociology of Urban Experiences (pages 965–983)
Michael Ian Borer

Emotion and Leadership: What Scholarship on Status and Identity Can Tell Us(pages 487–501)
Christabel L. Rogalin and Laura E. Hirshfield

Negotiating the Unknown: The Role of Uncertainty in Social Exchange (pages 315–327)
Scott V. Savage and Kelly Bergstrand

A Review of the Motherhood Wage Penalty in the United States (pages 328–342)
Margaret Gough and Mary Noonan

The Implications of Social Neuroscience for Expectation States Theories (pages 255-264)
David Melamed and Jurgita Abromaviciute

Volume 6 (2012)

Controversies in Implicit Race Bias Research (pages 987-997)
Justine E. Tinkler

For a Social Psychology of Prayer (Pages 570-580)
Shane Sharp

A Sociological Overview of Cortisol as a Biomarker of Response to the Social Environment (Pages 434-444)
Catherine J. Taylor

Copresence in Virtual Environments (Pages 425-433)
Celeste Campos-Castillo

Medical Problems Where Talk is the Problem: Current Trends in Conversation Analytic Research on Aphasia, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Intellectual Disability, and Alzheimer’s (Pages 351-364)
Angela Cora Garcia

The Social Life of the Senses: Charting Directions (Pages 271-282)
Kelvin E.Y. Low

Extending and Expanding Parenthood: Parental Support to Young Adult Children (Pages 256-270)
Rayna Amber Sage and Monica Kirkpatrick Johnson

The Science of Two-Timing: The State of Infidelity Research (pages 46–59)
Christin L. Munsch

Volume 5 (2011)

The Biosociology of Solidarity (pages 936–948)
Will Kalkhoff, Joseph Dippong and Stanford W. Gregory Jr

Is There a Right Way to Nudge? The Practice and Ethics of Choice Architecture (pages 923–935)
Evan Selinger and Kyle Whyte

Sociological Perspectives on Addiction (pages 298–310)
Darin Weinberg

Lone Mother-led Families: Exemplifying the Structuring of Social Inequality (pages 376–391)
Lea Caragata and Sara J. Cumming

Male Bodies in Manhood Acts: The Role of Body-Talk and Embodied Practice in Signifying Culturally Dominant Notions of Manhood (pages 65–76)
Christian Alexander Vaccaro

Volume 4 (2010)

Transnationalism over the Life Course (pages 1054–1062)
Sean R. Lauer and Queenie Wong

Inequalities in Transnational Families
Joanna Dreby, Timothy Adkins

Gender and International Marriage Migration (pages 718–731)
Minjeong Kim

Mothering, Guilt and Shame (pages 310–321)
Jean-Anne Sutherland

Constructing Authenticity: A Review of Trends and Influences in the Process of Authentication in Consumption (pages 977–988)
Amanda Koontz

Family Genealogy: A Sociological Imagination Reveals Intersectional Relations
Karla B. Hackstaff

Desirable Difference: The Shadow of Racial Stereotypes in Creating Transracial Families through Transnational Adoption (pages 263–282)
Kazuyo Kubo

Under One Roof: A Review of Research on Intergenerational Coresidence and Multigenerational Households in the United States
ennifer Reid Keene, Christie D. Batson

Dementia and Dementia Care: The Contributions of a Psychosocial Perspective (pages 249–262)
Phyllis B. Harris
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On the Contributions of Cognitive Sociology to the Sociological Study of Race (pages 61–76)
Wayne H. Brekhus, David L. Brunsma, Todd Platts and Priya Dua
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Volume 3 (2009)

Divorce in Research vs. Divorce in Media (pages 707–720)
Virginia E. Rutter
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Atheism, Secularity, and Well-Being: How the Findings of Social Science Counter Negative Stereotypes and Assumptions (pages 949–971)
Phil Zuckerman
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Rethinking Families Over the Life Course Development Perspective: Including the Lives of Same-Sex Families (pages 1000–1016)
Adam Easterbrook
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The Actuarial Assessment and Experiential Reality of Risk in Childhood (pages 824–835)
Nicola Madge
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High-Conflict Couple Interaction and the Role of Relative Power (pages 672–688)
Erica Owens Yeager
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Social Problems Work: The Cases of Children and Youth (Pages: 737–753)
Gale Miller and Kathrine Vitus
Abstract | Full Article (HTML) | PDF(120K) | References

Meaningful Performances: Considering the Contributions of the Dramaturgical Approach to Studying Family (pages 689–706)
Jessica L. Collett and Ellen Childs
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Adult–Adolescent Interaction and Adolescents’ Brain Development: Integrating Pragmatism/Interactionism and Neuroscience to Develop a Platform for Research on Adolescents’ Life Regulation (pages 118–136)
Alireza Moula, Toomas Timpka and Antony J. Puddephatt
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Agency as a Sociological Variable: A Preliminary Model of Individuals, Situations, and the Life Course (pages 137–160)
Steven Hitlin and Charisse Long
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Volume 2 (2008)

Animals and Sociology (pages 1954–1971)
Leslie Irvine
Abstract | Full Article (HTML) | PDF(175K) | References

Domestic and International Transracial Adoption: A Synopsis of the Literature (pages 1848–1859)
Mia Tuan
Abstract | Full Article (HTML) | PDF(134K) | References

The Globalization of Self: Role and Identity Transformation from Above and Below (pages 1972–1988)
Peter L. Callero
Abstract | Full Article (HTML) | PDF(156K) | References

Accounting for Victimization: Social Constructionist Perspectives (pages 1601–1620)
Jennifer L. Dunn
Abstract | Full Article (HTML) | PDF(151K) | References

The Authenticity of Self: Conceptualization, Personal Experience, and Practice (pages 1621–1637)
Phillip Vannini and Alexis Franzese
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From C. P. Ellis to School Integration: The Social Psychology of Conflict Reduction (pages 1638–1654)
Sean Kelly and Jessica L. Collett
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Trends in the Qualitative Study of Social Identities (pages 1059–1078)
Wayne H. Brekhus
Abstract | Full Article (HTML) | PDF(160K) | References

Family Leisure and Changing Ideologies of Parenthood (pages 688–703)
Susan M. Shaw
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Emotional Labor and Health Care (pages 704–733)
Rebecca J. Erickson and Wendy J. C. Grove
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The Neglected Social Psychology of Institutional Racism (pages 734–764)
Tim J. Berard
Abstract | Full Article (HTML) | PDF(173K) | References

Perceptions of and Responses to Stigma (Pages: 409–432)
Thomas P. LeBel
Abstract | Full Article (HTML) | PDF(150K) | References

The Study of Youth Labor: The Shift Toward a Subject-Centered Approach (pages 352–365)
Yasemin Besen-Cassino
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Volume 1 (2007)

The Shift from Dating to Hooking up in College: What Scholars Have Missed (pages 775–788)
Kathleen A. Bogle
Abstract | Full Article (HTML) | PDF(156K) | References

A Window on the ‘New’ Sociology of Childhood (pages 322–334)
Sarah H. Matthews
Abstract | Full Article (HTML) | PDF(178K) | References

Constructionist Perspectives on the Life Course (pages 335–352)
James A. Holstein and Jaber F. Gubrium
Abstract | Full Article (HTML) | PDF(153K) | References

What Is ‘Body Work’? A Review of the Literature (pages 353–370)
Debra Gimlin
Abstract | Full Article (HTML) | PDF(181K) | References

The Sociology of Celebrity (pages 371–384)
Kerry O. Ferris
Abstract | Full Article (HTML) | PDF(156K) | References