Social Stratification

Edited by Rebecca Kissane and Julie Kmec

Volume 9 (2015)

Locating Gender in Environmental Sociology
Emily Huddart Kennedy and Liz Dzialo
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High School Dropouts After They Exit School: Challenges and Directions for Sociological Research
Colin Campbell

Still a “Stalled Revolution”? Work/Family Experiences, Hegemonic Masculinity, and Moving Toward Gender Equality
Sarah Friedman

Race, Gender, Hollywood: Representation in Cultural Production and Digital Media’s Potential for Change
Maryann Erigha

Volume 8 (2014)

The Class Politics of Alternative Food: Informing Public Health Policy and Remedying Health Inequality
Mercedes C. Lyson

Still a Man’s World? Revisiting Men Who Do Women’s Work
Adia Harvey Wingfield and Ranell L. Myles

Navigating the Road to College: Race and Class Variation in the College Application Process
Megan M. Holland

Urban Poverty and Neighborhood Effects on Crime: Incorporating Spatial and Network Perspectives
Corina Graif, Andrew S. Gladfelter and Stephen A. Matthews

Green Consumption and Social Change: Debates over Responsibility, Private Action, and Access
Janet A. Lorenzen

Class Formation and Class Identity: Birth, Death, and Possibilities for Renewal
Barry Eidlin

Globalization and the Question of Social Justice
Kaan Agartan

Middle‐Class Parents and Urban Public Schools: Current Research and Future Directions
Linn Posey‐Maddox, Shelley McDonough Kimelberg and Maia Cucchiara

Migration and Inequality in the Rural United States: Connecting Urban to Rural and Local to Global
Shaun A. Golding

Social Stratification in Jaffna: A Survey of Recent Research on Caste
Prashanth Kuganathan

The Influences Affecting and the Influential Effects of Multiracials: Multiracialism and Stratification
Hephzibah V. Strmic-Pawl

Volume 7 (2013)

Teaching & Learning Guide for “Marriage Promotion Policy and Family Inequality”
Jennifer M. Randles

Disasters and Social Inequalities
Megan Reid

The Social Process Behind Inequalities in Children’s Mental Health: Incorporating an Illness Career Framework
Daniel Potter

Elite Colleges and Socioeconomic Status
Elizabeth M. Lee

Race and Sex Discrimination in the Employment Process
Sheryl Skaggs and Jennifer Bridges

Learning Disabilities and Inequality
Dara Shifrer

Closing the Wealth Gap: A Review of Racial and Ethnic Inequalities in Homeownership
Meghan Kuebler

Social Stratification and the Body: Gender, Race, and Class
Katherine Mason

Volume 6 (2012)

Understanding Social Inequality in the Kidney Transplantation System
Jonathan Daw

Marriage Promotion Policy and Family Inequality
Jennifer M. Randles

TANF’s 15th Anniversary and the Great Recession: Are Low-Income Mothers Celebrating Upward Economic Mobility?
Sheila Katz

Women’s Advantage in Higher Education: Towards Understanding a Global Phenomenon
Anne McDaniel

Teaching & Learning Guide for: Class Identification in Review: Past Perspectives and Future Directions
Patrick Archer and Ryan Orr

Racial Bias and Prosocial Behavior
Jennifer Triplett

Experiencing Homelessness: A Review of Recent Literature
Emily Meanwell

Social Class and Parenting: Classic Debates and New Understandings
Jennifer Sherman and Elizabeth Harris

Volume 5 (2011)

The More Things Change, the More They Remain the Same? : Paradoxes of Men’s Unpaid Labor Since ‘The Second Shift’
Beth A. Latshaw

Lone Mother-led Families: Exemplifying the Structuring of Social Inequality
Lea Caragata and Sara J. Cumming

How are Work–Family Policies Related to the Gendered Division of Domestic Labor?
Sarah Beth Estes

Inequality as an Explanation for Obesity in the United States
Hedwig Lee

The Role of Social Networks in Getting a Job
Lindsey B. Trimble and Julie A. Kmec

Class Identification in Review: Past Perspectives and Future Directions
Patrick Archer and Ryan Orr

Bridging the Gap: ‘Doing Gender’, ‘Hegemonic Masculinity’, and the Educational Troubles of Boys
Edward W. Morris

Poverty in the Enlarged European Union. A Discussion about Definitions and Reference Groups
Tim Goedemé and Stijn Rottiers

Volume 4 (2010)

Impoverished Clientele and Influential Institutions: Perspectives on Neighborhood Poverty near Harvard Yard
Katarzyna Skuratowicz and L. Janelle Dance

Gated Communities in the United States: From Case Studies to Systematic Evidence
Elena Vesselinov

Capitalizing on Culture: How Cultural Capital Shapes Educational Experiences and Outcomes (pages 519–531)
Tina Wildhagen
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Race, Gender, and the Invisible Hand of Social Capital (pages 532–543)
Steve McDonald and Jacob C. Day
Abstract | Full Article (HTML) | PDF(92K) | References

Desirable Difference: The Shadow of Racial Stereotypes in Creating Transracial Families through Transnational Adoption (pages 263–282)
Kazuyo Kubo
Abstract | Full Article (HTML) | PDF(133K) | References

Identifying and Measuring Racial Profiling by the Police (pages 77–88)
Amy Farrell and Jack McDevitt
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Volume 3 (2009)

The Effect of Family Immigration History on Blacks in Higher Education (pages 836–846)
Audrey Alforque Thomas
Abstract | Full Article (HTML) | PDF(83K) | References

Divorce in Research vs. Divorce in Media (pages 707–720)
Virginia E. Rutter
Abstract | Full Article (HTML) | PDF(161K) | References

Gender Stratification and Publication in American Science: Turning the Tools of Science Inward (pages 721–733)
Ryan Light
Abstract | Full Article (HTML) | PDF(194K) | References

Volume 2 (2008)

Understanding Employment Discrimination: A Multilevel Approach (pages 1989–2007)
C. Elizabeth Hirsh and Youngjoo Cha
Abstract | Full Article (HTML) | PDF(179K) | References

‘Because they tip for shit!’: The Social Psychology of Everyday Racism in Restaurants (pages 2008–2029)
Sarah E. Rusche and Zachary W. Brewster
Abstract | Full Article (HTML) | PDF(254K) | References

The Classed Body in the Sociological Imagination (pages 1655–1671)
Vivyan C. Adair
Abstract | Full Article (HTML) | PDF(142K) | References

In Families or as Individuals? Theoretical and Methodological Problems in the Incorporation of Women in Class Analysis (pages 1672–1689)
Karen Albright
Abstract | Full Article (HTML) | PDF(146K) | References

Resisting the Neo-liberal Poverty Discourse: On Constructing Deadbeat Dads and Welfare Queens (pages 1690–1700)
Shawn A. Cassiman
Abstract | Full Article (HTML) | PDF(100K) | References

Confronting Young People’s Perceptions of Whiteness: Privilege or Liability? (pages 1303–1330)
Karyn D. McKinney
Abstract | Full Article (HTML) | PDF(194K) | References

Environmental Justice at the Crossroads (pages 1331–1354)
Julie Sze and Jonathan K. London
Abstract | Full Article (HTML) | PDF(233K) | References

Accessing Higher Education: The Influence of Cultural and Social Capital on University Choice (pages 1355–1371)
Rachel Brooks
Abstract | Full Article (HTML) | PDF(132K) | References

Childrearing, Class and the New Politics of Parenting (pages 1079–1095)
Val Gillies
Abstract | Full Article (HTML) | PDF(138K) | References

Gazing into a Distorted Looking Glass: Masculinity, Femininity, Appearance Ideals, and the Black Body (pages 1096–1114)
Kristie A. Ford
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Volume 1 (2007)

Assessing Welfare Reform, Over a Decade Later (pages 789–813)
Rebecca Joyce Kissane and Richard Krebs
Abstract | Full Article (HTML) | PDF(252K) | References

Social Inequality and Interaction (pages 814–831)
Wendy Bottero
Abstract | Full Article (HTML) | PDF(191K) | References

Work–Family Intersections (pages 385–403)
Sarah Winslow-Bowe
Abstract | Full Article (HTML) | PDF(187K) | References

Racial Residential Segregation in Urban America (pages 404–423)
Robert M. Adelman and James Clarke Gocker
Abstract | Full Article (HTML) | PDF(199K) | References